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Great workshops in retrospect:

- I I 2014 Gothenburg   NMR optimized Cell-free hands on, 9-11 September (7 ppts)

- II I 2014 Gothenburg  Biomolecular NMR,  focus on protein structure, October 13-17 (15 ppts) 

- III I 2015 Jyväskylä,    NMR optimized Cell-free hands on, August  (13 ppts)

- IV I 2015 Gothenburg  Biomacromolecular NMR hands on, focus on interaction, October 12-16  (21 ppts)

- V II 2016 Gothenburg  Best practice dissemination, January 11-12, (24 ppts)  —> additional best practice workshops

 -VI II 2016, Aarhus,  Best practice, pulse programs, April 25-26, (20 participants), Contact: Frans Mulders,


Upcoming workshops for 2016:

-VII II 2016, Gothenburg Best practice, metabolomics SOPs, May 30-31, Contact: Göran Karlsson

-VIII  2016, Aarhus,  pNMR, a satellite to EUROMAR2016. July, 7-9, Contact: Thomas Vosegaard

-IX I 2016, Copenhagen, Functional Protein Dynamics, August, 15-19, Contact: Birthe Kragelund

-X I 2016 Gothenburg,  NMR Dynamics, September 26-20, Contact: Vladislav Orekhov

-XI II 2016, Gothenburg, NMR Fast methods, Nov 10-11, Contact: Maxim Mayzel



-XII I 2016, November, Bergen/Trondheim, Magnetic Resonance, Contact: Frode Rise


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