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How-to information

In order for the reporting of projects, magnet usage etc is to be correct, you must use the following guidelines when placing a reservation:

  • The critical data that has to be correctly entered when placing a reservation is the Accessories field as it allows filtering of entered data in Booked later on. The data that has to go here is either a 0 or a 1 (type of booking or application field), potentially a 2 (mdi, compdev or industry) if relevant and a 3 (affiliation). If any needed accessory (e.g. a new affiliation) is not there, just add it to the list.
  • The Title and Description fields are free to enter as one pleases but should be sensible as this the info given when hovering the mouse cursor over a given booking entry in the calendar

EXAMPLE:     A SWEDSTRUCT project running for the PI Erik Lehnsherr (a.k.a Magneto) employed at GU natural science faculty, approved on March 18, 2015 should have EL_150318 in the booking title, and use 1. sb, 3. gunatfak as accessories

General 'accessories'

Overall booking type

Project application area


0. admin Administration (director-stuff, campus-service, IT-group, environmental group, GURIA etc.)

1. fbs3. aau (Aarhus Univ)
0. conferences, workshops, courses, reach-out 1. met3. cph (Univ of Copenhagen
0. instrument maintenance & service1. ms3. cpr (CPR, Jena, Germany)
0. user help (not project specific)1. NMRcourse20163. cth (Chalmers)
0. sick_leave1. sb 3. gunatfak (Univ of Gothenburg, Nat Sci Faculty)
0. snc Related to SNC (APT, wet lab, ordering, safety, maintenance, routines, risk assessments, cleaning)1. sm3. gusa (Univ of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy)

0. vacation

 3. hel (Univ of Helsinki)

Type of project (if relevant)

3. ki (Karolinska Inst)
 2. compdev3. kth (Royal Inst of Tech)
 2. industry3. linn (Linnaeus Univ)
 2. mdi3. liu (Linköping Univ)
  3. lu (Lund Univ)
  3. slu (Swedish Agricultural Univ)
  3. su (Stockholm Univ)
  3. uba (University of Barcelona)
  3. uio (Univ of Oslo)
  3. umu (Umeå Univ)
  3. uu (Uppsala Univ)
  3. vgr (Västra Götalandsregionen)

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