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Sunday Jan 10

Informal get together at Quality Hotel Panorama 19.00 -


Monday Jan 11

9.00-9.10         Introduction

9.10-10.15       Presentation from each site (5-10 min)

Please present yourself, other staff and your expectations from the current workshop. Also a short description of your activities, what kind of samples/NMR spectra you run and which users you interact with.

10.15-10.45     Coffee

10.45-11.45     Discussion on general strategies for experimental setup at different sites

            Moderated by: Göran Karlsson

A few sites will present their approach and everyone is expected to contribute their experiences.

11.45-13.00     Lunch

13.00-14.30     Cont. of discussion on general strategies

Moderated by: Cecilia Persson

            - Application to small molecules and FBS

            - 1D experiments

            - 2D homonuclear experiments

14.30-15.00     Coffee

15.00-17.00     Macromolecules

Moderated by: Cecilia Persson

            - 15N/13C-HSQC

            - Triple resonance experiments

17.00-18.00     Practical session (on demand)

18.00   Dinner on site


Tuesday Jan 12

9.00-10.00       Formats for pulse sequence exchange within the Nordic NMR community

10.00-10.30     Coffee

10.30-11.30     Macromolecules

Moderated by: Cecilia Persson

            - 3D NOESYs

            - 3D TOCSY

11.30-12.30     Lunch

12.30-14.00     Macromolecules

Moderated by: Cecilia Persson

            - 4D NOESYs

            - Relaxation

14.00-15.00     Sum up and planning future workshops within the Nordic NMR network

Moderated by: Göran Karlsson


General setup of (biomolecular) NMR experiments at the Swedish NMR Centre, Gothenburg

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